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Explore the world of sustainable fashion and see its unimaginable influence on our earth and societies. My blog is dedicated to interrogating why being ethical, and eco-conscious in fashion is important leading towards an environment-respecting way of life. Dive deep into environmentally friendly practices and ethical fashion while supporting the mission to save the planet.
Follow my blog as I show sustainable fashion education emphasizing choices that benefit both Earth and the people living there. Discover how your fashion choices can build a greener planet and more resilient communities.
Be part of the movement that advocates for good through dressing up. Are you willing to change what you wear? Step into a world of sustainable fashion insights and set out to change the world one dress at a time!
  • When a t-shirt costs more or less like a chocolate bar, it's no wonder people turn to it when they're looking for a little emotional uplift. 

    Fast fashion  known for its low prices, is very popular. Hard to resist? However, this relief comes at a high cost to the environment, people and animals. The average person buys 60% more items of clothing compared to 2000. People are are not only shopping for more clothes these days they are also throwing them away faster.

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